This Sikh temple houses a seven-storey shrine as well as the Sikh Heritage Centre, allowing visitors to learn more about Sikh History & Culture.

Also known as Silat Road Sikh Temple, it was previously situated at Pearl’s Hill, where the Sikh police barracks and quarters were located. The majority of Sikhs who came to Singapore in the 19th century took on jobs as policemen. The temple, in addition to being a place of worship, also served as a meeting ground for their family and friends. As more Sikhs arrived, a larger site—comprising a temple and living quarters—was erected at Jalan Bukit Merah, formerly known as Silat Road. The temple contains the world’s largest palki, a palanquin used to hold the scripture when a priest leads prayers, which weighs ten tonnes. Some visitors drop by to view the tombstone of the late Sikh freedom fighter Bhai Maharaj Singh, who is believed to answer prayers.