10 Singapore’s hidden eateries and cafés worth seeking out

A foodie’s map of hidden restaurants and cafes worth discovering in Singapore

These tiny eateries in Singapore hide their mains behind a veil of mystery.

Now that we’ve published our guide to secret bars in the city, it’s only natural for us to look for hidden restaurants and cafés in Singapore that offer delectable cuisine. You might just want something new from your typical brunch hangouts and famous hawker food, and we’re here to assist you in locating the most unusual eateries.

Best hidden restaurants & cafe in Singapore

1. Hub & Spoke Cafe

The address may deceive you. It’s not located inside Changi Airport. Instead, it’s near Terminal 2, amid lush vegetation, next to the picturesque Changi Airport Connector. It’s a breath of fresh air when compared to the industrial buildings around it. The cafe is designed in a glasshouse that allows for plenty of natural light thanks to the strategically placed skylight. It’s a very serene environment that would be perfect for a date or to enjoy a meal with friends and family. Just take note that there aren’t many seats available, so don’t expect much if it’s a weekend!

Kopi o and kopi c make for a wonderful way to unwind in the afternoon. The local flavor is reflected in the food selection, which includes nasi lemak, laksa, and mee siam. However, if you’re looking for restaurant cuisine, try the Wagyu beef burger, truffle mushroom pasta, and homemade ice cream.

2. Gardenasia

Hidden restaurants and cafes in singapore | gardenasia bistroPhotography: Gardenasia via Facebook

Take a step back from city life and journey to the Kranji Farm Countryside for peace and tranquility. Gardenasia is an old colonial-style house refuge that also has a bistro.

The menu features meals like assam fish chowder, pan-seared red snapper fillet, grilled rosemary chicken, and more, all of which are prepared from ingredients sourced from the vicinity.

we recommend a staycation to allow you to enjoy the rural environment.

3. Corduroy Palace

hidden restaurants in singapore | corduroy palacePhotography: Corduroy Palace

To say the least, this luxurious eatery by the Lucali BYGB crew is a hidden gem. The entrance (which is shared with Proper Slice) may be found in Gemmil Lane’s back alley.

Check out the high-gloss burlwood tables, modern art works, and neon-lit wine coolers (the highlight) in this dining area. But first, fill up on sumptuous meals such as caviar-topped xiao long bao, the distinctive prime rib, fresh oysters, and chicken cordon bleu zy up with your loved ones between these charming velvet chairs.

4. La Ristrettos

Located on the eighth floor of a medical center in Novena and is hidden away, is a jewel. It simply makes you want to curl up with a hot cup of tea and a good book in one of the nooks. The French toast and crab cakes are both must-trys!

5. Burger Bar New York

hidden restaurants and cafes in singapore: Burger Bar New YorkPhotography: Burger Bar New York via Facebook

If you’re on Amoy Street and crave a great burger, go to the back alley of Gemmill Lane where you’ll find a neon-lit burger sign. Follow the scents of grilled meats and deep-fried chips through the door and velvet drapes. It’s all about simplicity here. Choose how you want your burger cooked, add

6. Kabuke

Despite its location in the busy Telok Year area, Kabuke maintains a low profile. The gastrobar is located on the second floor of a heritage house and invites you to an evening of delicious food and sake while providing a warm atmosphere.

Bar bites, rice bowls, and seafood are all highlighted on the menu, but the A5 Kagoshima wagyu striploin is certainly worth a try. Wash it down with any one of a number of sake varieties: glass, carafe, or bottle. There will be no judgments passed in this establishment.

7. Riders Cafe

riders cafe | hidden restaurants in singaporePhotography: Riders Cafe via Facebook

Riders Cafe is a quiet refuge from the city. It’s our favorite thing to do if we’re looking for a quick country-style escape. This tranquil location is ideal for any meal of the day tucked away in Bukit Timah Saddle Club’s lush greenery (yes, there are charming horses everywhere).

8. Coexist Coffee Co.

The Rustic Cafe & Bar overlooks a landscaped park in Hillview and is housed on the top floor of an unassuming industrial structure. Apart from offering views of the area, the space stands out for its design. Consider two-color symmetrical sections separated by a white line. The menu features hearty breakfast dishes as well as locally inspired foods.

9. Bincho

Hidden restaurants and cafes in singapore: BinchoPhotography: Bincho via Facebook

Are you hungry for yakitori skewers in a speakeasy (especially after seeing Blade Runner)? Bincho has you covered. Behind an 80-year-old mee pok stall – which opens up during the day – this gritty open-concept yakitori restaurant in Singapore is operated by chef Asai Masashi, who creates spectacular dishes.

Bincho, #01-19, 78 Moh Guan Terrace, Singapore 162078

10. The Flying Squirrel

Take a stroll around the side street of Amoy Street and you’ll come upon a Japanese restaurant. Nosh on sushi, sashimi, gyozas, and rice bowls from 4 p.m., and if you’re taking a day off work, happy hour is from 4 p.m.!

11. The Dragon Chamber

hidden restaurants and cafes in singapore | dragon chamberPhotography: The Dragon Chamber via Facebook

This Chinese restaurant is hidden behind a beer fridge at an ordinary-looking kopitiam. It’s like a contemporary take on C.S. Lewis’ Narnia, with interiors that give off total secret society vibes and low lighting. The cuisine is slightly odd, with items such as the Dragon Claw of braised crocodile foot 🙂

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